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أهلاً وسهلاً ومرحباً بك ضيفنا الكريم ... حللت أهلاً ونزلت سهلاً ... حياك الله وبياك بين إخوتك في
منتديات ارض الانمي
إذا أحببت الانضمام إلينا فمرحباً بك

آرٍضٍُِـ آٍلآنٍـمٌٍَـيًـ

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 و اخيراً النسخة النهائية Windows Live Messenger 8.5 .. مع الاضافات

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المدير العام

عدد الرسائل : 69
العمر : 29
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آٍلوٍظٌٍُـيًـَفٍـهُ :
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نقاط : 19710
تاريخ التسجيل : 06/04/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: و اخيراً النسخة النهائية Windows Live Messenger 8.5 .. مع الاضافات   الإثنين أبريل 14, 2008 6:01 pm

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

اليوم نقدم لكم برنامج المحادثة المشهور و المشهور جداً

Windows Live Messenger 8.5

النسخة الجديده تحوي على تغييرات جديده في المنظر و الالوان و عرض الصور
كما ان بها بعض الاضافات و التحسينات الاخرى

بعض المعلومات عن البرنامج و المميزات

Live Messenger is the next-generation MSN Messenger. It has everything
you already love about Messenger - your contact list, emoticons, and
instant access to your friends via text, voice, and video - plus new
ways to connect and share photos and documents effortlessly. It's
faster than e-mail and is a great choice for conversations and the
perfect alternative when you can't be there in person. As always, it's
free to download Messenger and use most of its features.
Live Messenger (WLM), still commonly referred to by the previous name
of MSN Messenger (MSN for short), is an instant messaging client for
Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Mobile,
first released on December 13, 2005 by Microsoft. It is part of
Microsoft's Windows Live set of online services.

Windows Live Messenger Features:
• Sharing folders
Sharing Folder feature of Windows Live Messenger is an alternative to
the "direct transfer" method of file distribution. When a user wants to
deliver a file to another person on his or her contact list, the
"sharing folder" window appears, which is an individualized
representation of all previously shared items.

• PC-to-phone calls
addition to PC-to-PC calls that have been supported in previous
versions, Windows Live Messenger now supports PC-to-phone calls with
Windows Live Call. In the US, this feature is supported by Verizon,
branded as "Verizon Web Calling". Orange France also has a similar
service. This feature is only available in selected countries,
including the US, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria,
Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

• Windows Live Messenger to Yahoo!
allows Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger users to chat (using text or
voice) to each other without the need to create an account on the other
service, provided both contacts use the latest versions of the clients.
However, if a user uses an older or third-party client, they will
appear offline to the users on the other network.

• Offline messaging
previous versions, one can start conversations even when his or her
status is set to Appear Offline, similar to behaviour in Yahoo!
Messenger. If talking to someone who has an older MSN Messenger client,
they will lose the ability to talk to you after a short period of no
activity, due to their client thinking you are offline. As Windows Live
Messenger has now been made available on several phones, a new trend
has appeared where people send messages over Windows Live Messenger to
each other as a way to have free SMS text messages.

• Games and applications
are various games and applications available in Windows Live Messenger
that can be accessed via the conversation window by clicking the games
icon and challenging your "buddy".

• i’m initiative
The i’m
initiative is a new program Microsoft launched in March 2007, that
connects the user with nine organizations dedicated to social causes
through Windows Live Messenger. Every time someone has a conversation
using i’m, Microsoft Corp. shares a portion of the program's
advertising revenue with the organization of the user's choice. There
is no set cap on the amount donated to each organization. The more i’m
conversations the user has; the more money goes to one of the nine
causes. Each participating organization is guaranteed a minimum
donation of $100,000 during the first year of the program. There is
currently no end date for the program. The i’m initiative only works
with the most recent WLM version 8.1 and 8.5 beta. The i’m initiative
is currently only available to those in the United States.

• Xbox 360
Live Messenger support was included in the Xbox 360 Spring 2007
dashboard update released on May 9, 2007. Unofficially, it is known as
Windows Live Messenger 360.
Those using Windows Live Messenger are
able to see the Gamertags of friends logged into Xbox Live, including
the game they are playing. Xbox 360 users can chat in-game (or while
watching a movie). Although only text chat is supported, Microsoft has
suggested that voice and video chatting may come in a future update.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows XP SP2

Changes and additions in Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta:
* This version now requires Windows XP SP2, compared to previous versions requiring Windows XP SP1.
* In conjunction with the release of Windows Live 2.0, a new setup program was introduced.
It is now installed to a 'Windows Live' folder in the drive where
Windows is installed, and the shortcuts are placed in a 'Windows Live'
folder in the Start Menu.
* All Messenger windows have a new look.
* A new 'bunny' emoticon has been added.
* Windows Live OneCare Family Safety integration was added.
Updates can now be downloaded and installed through Microsoft Update,
but only if you installed the update to version 8.5 Beta, released on
June 21, 2007.
* Microsoft has blocked the sending and receiving of all .info links in conversations.

Homepage - Windows Live Messenger - Overview

الآن نأتي للتحميل

للغة العربية ... حمل برنامج الـ installer ( و الذي سيقوم بتحميل
الماسنجر باللغة العربية ... و تحتاج للاتصال بالانترنت لتتم عملية
التحميل )

التحميل من هنا

للغة الانجليزية ...

حمل حمل برنامج الـ installer ( و الذي سيقوم بتحميل الماسنجر باللغة الانجليزية ... و تحتاج للاتصال بالانترنت لتتم عملية التحميل )

www.mess.be_.zip" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">او حمل برنامج التحميل المباشر ( لاتحتاج للاتصال بالانترنت )

و هناك بعض الاضافات المفيده للماسنجر

لتحميل برنامج الـ Messenger Plus Live ... و الذي يحمل العديد و العديد من المميزات و الاضافات للماسنجر

لتحميل الـ Mess Patch و الذي يقوم بتعديل على نسختك من الماسنجر

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الجنس :
نقاط : 19685
تاريخ التسجيل : 11/04/2008

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معاينة صفحة البيانات الشخصي للعضو
و اخيراً النسخة النهائية Windows Live Messenger 8.5 .. مع الاضافات
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